101 Music Business Contracts
101 Music Business Contracts features over one hundred music business legal contracts, forms and agreements. Our set of contracts has something for everyone in the music industry including record company owners, music producers, artist, singers, composers, mangers, agents, musicians and all others. Protect yourself, Get It In Writing!

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The Ultimate Record Label
Starting your own record label is like having a gold mine in your back yard. There is a huge demand for new, unique, never before heard music, and very little suppliers or competition. Use my new "Ultimate Record Label" course to unearth your share of the music industry's riches and treasures now.

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The Industry Yellow Pages (Six Volume Set)
The Industry Yellow Pages includes contact information to over 20,000 U.S. music industry listing, plus thousands of listings from Canada, the U.K., Japan, and over 40 other countries around the globe! Contact Radio Stations, Record Companies, Managers, A&Rs, Distributors, Music Promotion Companies and more Worldwide. Get your music Heard, Promoted and SOLD!

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Copyright Your Music in Minutes!
New, Incredible Product Shows YOU How to Properly Copyright Your Music, for Only Pennies a Song, Easily and Quickly, Even if You Don't Know A Single Thing About Copyrights!

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The Music Business Bundle
Our most popular set yet, The Music Business Bundle includes our signature items, 101 Music Business Contracts and The Industry Yellow Pages, plus 9 other top music industry resources, all geared to help you succeed in the music business! At this price you can’t afford not to order.

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The Ultimate “Music Industry” Power-Pack!
Get your music Heard, Promoted & SOLD! With this set you’ll receive all of the products that are found in both “The Recording Industry Starter Set” and in “The Music Business Bundle”, plus more, for a whopping total of 22 items, all for one low price. Hurry, this is a limited time offer, Order Now!

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Million Dollar E-Mails
With Million Dollar e-mails, you’ll learn how to use the power of the Internet to sell your music, merchandise or anything else online in no time using the simple, easy to use power of e-mail!

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The Times 10 Formula
Discover how you can turn $500- into $5,000.00 or turn $1,000- into $10,000 or more, or even get our songs heard on major radio, open for big name stars, go on a world tour with the...

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Sell Music Like Cr@zy!
Last year musicians, singers, rappers, label owners and others Just Like You quietly sold over $1.1 BILLION DOLLARS worth of their music over the internet and now you can learn how to also!

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Secrets to Making Money in the Music Industry
Who Else Would Like to Become a Success In The Music Industry and Make More Money Than Ever Thought Possible?"

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The Recording Industry Starter Set
In The Recording Industry Starter Set, we include our cream of the crop, top four music industry best-selling ebooks, plus three FREE music industry reports (a $21.00 value). With this set, you save $51.80!

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How to Make A Fortune in the Music Industry
By Doing It Yourself.
Read “How to Make A Fortune in the Music Industry by Doing It Yourself and learn the secrets record industry pros don’t want you to know. This ebook has everything you need to know to start and maintain a successful career in the recording industry.

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117 Ways to Market, Promote and Sell Your Music Online
117 Ways To Market, Promote And Sell Your Music Online provides you with precise marketing strategies and methods of operation that have been proven by independent musicians just like yourself! Are you ready to learn how to use the internet to skyrocket your music career?

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How YOU Can Make $500,000 "or more" a Year
in the Music Industry by Doing it Yourself.
Learn how to promote yourself in the music industry, find music venues to perform at, tour and play different cities, states and more. It’s everything you need to make it to the top—except the talent! (You’ll have to supply that).

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How To Sell Music, Book Shows And Get Noticed!
The music business can be a tuff nut to crack at times, but lucky there are music business resources like this to help you navigate through the tuff times. In this music industry book you’ll learn the top tricks of the trade including how to command big money for your music and how to sell out at every show.

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Kindle Cash Flow
Learn how to use Amazon's Kindle Publishing Platform to publish, market and sell your written content. Amazon's Kindle now accepts pre approved content in the form of manuscripts, ebooks and reports and the Kindle Cash Flow course is a step by step system to getting it done.

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