The Times 10 Formula

Who Else Wants to Learn How to Make Insane Amounts of Money Selling Their Music, Get Thousands of Loyal, Screaming Fans, Open Up for Major Stars Around the Globe and Sell Your Music By the Truckload, Over and Over Again Like Clock Work, Using My Times 10 Formula?

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Discover how you can turn $500- into $5,000.00 or turn $1,000- into $10,000 or more, or even get your songs heard on major radio, open for big name stars, go on a world tour with the...

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I taught someone close to me the "Times 10 Formula just 3 weeks ago and
so far this month She Has Made Over $2,800.00 $4,000.00 Doing Almost Nothing! And we're only half way through the month! (See the proof half way down below!)
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But First...

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#2- The second thing is after you sign up, you'll be brought right back to this page, where I want you to continue reading about my world famous "Times 10 Formula", and place your order before the price goes up on it again.

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After you sign up
you'll be brought right back to this page, so you can read more about my Times 10 Formula and order it if you'd like. And trust me I value your privacy and will never send you anymore then an email or two every 1-2 months, some of this stuff I get kind of hesitant about sharing, so I may not even send an email that often :)


"Your "Times 10 Formula" has proven to be an extremely useful sales tool for our artist. You have helped us to add a new dimension to our fan base and outreach options. Boy is the their music selling now!"

Drake R.
Dixton, Ca

Who Else in the Music Industry Wants to Be Taught A Complete Step-by-Step System that will Show them How to Turn A Lousy $497.00 into A Whopping $4970.00 in less then One Weekend and Be Able to Repeat the Process Month after Month?

    A Simple Yet Effective Way for Musicians, Singers, Executives and Anyone Else Who's Interested to Make 10 Times More then Ever Before!
(not to mention the ability to use the "Times 10 Formula to
sell more of their music, get more fans
and attract the attention of the music industry like never before)


Dear friend not to long ago I discovered a simple, yet effective way for people like yourself, who are musicians to be able to take a couple of hundred dollars and their music and turn it into a multi-thousand dollar a month cash generating system. By musician, I simply mean anyone who is into music and actively pursuing a career in the music industry, including but not limited to musicians, singers, rappers, writers, producers, managers, record label owners (the smaller the better), and all others!


"Since I've used your services, I have doubled my fan-base and have had the joy of selling up to 40 CDs a day directly through the site. Initially I thought what you where asking was a bit pricey, but it has more then paid for itself, and as a indie label, I find it indispensable."

Bryan M.
Palmdale, Ca


With "The Times 10 Formula, I am going to share information on how the music business works, information that will successfully help you reach your goals of making more money (a lot more money), getting a record contract, music publishing deal, thousands of fans that are passionate about your music or music business and more...

I'm going to share with you information that will crack open new income streams
and unleash the full profit potential of your musical and music business talents.


* Working smarter instead of harder

* Having a website that sells your music in CD or MP3 format on autopilot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year (even while you sleep or are on vacation!)

* Being able to do the same thing you are doing right now, but consistently make more money because you know how to effectively market yourself and your music.

"Thanks to your Times 10 Formula and personal coaching, our presence on the net over the past few months has been one of the most rewarding and cost effective advertising efforts that we have undertaken over our 2 years in business. The very reasonable costs were immediately eclipsed by our first 20 CD sales (thanks for showing us how to get much more then $15- per CD) - and the major distribution inquiries are continually coming in.

There is no question that as a marketing tool, The Times 10 Formula has become a welcomed and profitable asset to our company. We have readily incorporated everything you've shared with us into to our already flourishing operations. This, combined with our unique sound, has resulted in a winning formula that we plan to continue for years to come, independently might I add. In all honesty, we should have subscribed to your fine services years ago (if only it was available)!

Beyond all of this… I feel that I should also mention and give my sincerest accolades to your highly professional team over at Platinum Millennium for the wonderfully attentive and timely support and assistance provided in showcasing our site and music online. Thank you all for helping our artist reach such a varied and responsive fan-base with so little effort from our very busy schedule."

Wallace E.
Henderson, NV


Forget the distorted, out-of-date, and overpriced music business information available today. Welcome to the place of true, real, tangible music business success, wealth, and happiness ...even for the small guys with little or no money.


This is the very thing that can quickly change your life, build your music business and create wealth for you. And it's something that I can help you make happen quicker than you ever thought possible, using The Times 10 Formula...


Note: If you have ever purchased one of my products
or even signed up for my newsletter, you have been subjected to The Times 10 Formula and the power of the internet. I have over 35,000 loyal customers and newsletter subscribers and I'll show you how to use the same exact system that I use to attract this many people

Obviously I want to share "The Formula" with as many people as possible, but can’t and won't, so what I’ve decided to do is teach this method to a certain group of individuals who I feel are worthy of knowing, and who will be committed to working the independent music system that allows musicians to retain their creative freedom (large record label executives, and those who are already rich need not ask for the formula).


Before I Go Any Further, Let Me Just Explain that The Times 10 Formula Can Be Used to Sell Your Music Online or to Sell Other Products Online
(I use it both ways to make a Lot of money)

Here are examples of how you can use it in both cases...

To Easily Promote Your Music or Music Related Services Online:

The Times 10 Formula will teach you step-by-step how to:

* Build a fan base of thousands of raving, screaming fans that will buy everything you release.

* Sell more of your music then you probably could ever sell anywhere else (and keep up to 91% in royalties)

* Create a money making website that does
nothing but sells your music automatically, hands free, like clock work 24 hours a day, even while you are sleeping!

* Get other websites to sell your music and other fan merchandise (stickers, posters, etc) to their millions of visitors and then send you a huge check every month!

* How to get your music sold online, side-by-side with the biggest names in the music industry including those like 50 Cent, Britney Spears, Kid Rock, Cher, Madonna, Kurt Franklin, Cold Play, Green Day, Ray Charles and anyone else you name.

To simply sell other products like ebooks, software, audios programs, CDs and lots of other products and services online:

The Times 10 Formula will teach you step-by-step how to:

Get great digital products created for pennies on the dollar, that you can then sell over and over again online for $47.00, $99.00, $397.00, or even $499.00 or more!
(I do this on over 60 sites and make a killing every day! In fact, you've probably purchased some of my products online)

* A simple formula for creating products that people want to buy, and will eagerly pay big money for.

* An easy way to get others to create digital products for you, products that can be sold over and over again, forever! These are all products that you'll outright own 100%

* How to get other people to sell your products for you on their websites and you won't even have to pay them until after they've made you money!


"We're in Davenport, Iowa, and we're getting orders for our music from people all over the world. Might I add that we have never been to a "big recording studio" and record all of our music in our tiny 1 car garage. I love the internet, where else can you sell just 100 CDs, and still make over $2,000.00 in profit, thanks to Ty's Times 10"

Craig H.
Davenport, Iowa

Before I get started I want to simply mention that…

…If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the lousy state of the music industry then this is the system for you.

You Know You Have Talent, Right?

…If you are a hard working independent person who knows that they have talent, be it in the form of yourself or your artist, then my system is for you.

…If you are ready to learn how to take advantage of the resources available online and feel that you are long over due to get paid for your talents and services, then "The Times 10 Formula" is for YOU.

                                   ==> Keep 91 % in Royalties! <==

…If you feel that you deserve to keep up to 91% of your royalties from the blood, sweat and tears that it takes for you to make your music, then "The Times 10 Formula" is for YOU.


Turn $397.00 into $3970.00,
or Even $1000.00 into $10,000.00
Week after Week

The "Times 10 Formula" will show you step-by-step, every inch and centimeter of the way how to turn $397.00 into $3970.00 week after week, month after month, year after year. This formula for online success has been with me and my family for over half a century and boy oh boy has it worked like a charm, helping me to rake in hugs amounts of profits for not only myself and my family, but also for every single one of my music industry clients that I share it with, which by the way are not many and those that I do share this proven money making secret with pay me plenty to reveal it to them.


"My experience working with was amazing and enlightening. I have never had anyone in the music industry put me in such a focused direction and give me such astounding motivation. Every coaching call left me so energized I immediately set about the task of putting into motion everything we had talked about and everything he taught me. Ty is the spark that everyone in this industry needs to ignite a flurry of creative sales, so far we have sold just over 1,100 copies of our CD this month alone at $27 a piece, do the math on that one! Thanks Ty"

Michael F.
Newton, KS


Many Have Already Paid A
Whopping $997.00
Learn the Times 10 Formula and
Would Have Gladly Paid More!

Forget a 9 to 5, It'll Never Pay This Much! When I first developed this system it was by pure accident, and I made more money in my first couple of months of using this system then I had made in an entire year working my regular old 9 to 5 job that I had been at for nearly 10 years!

Because the “Times 10 Formula” works so well for me and the rest of my corporate and independent music industry clients who pay me big bucks to work it for them, I am still a bit reluctant to tell anyone else about it.

So with that you may be saying to yourself, well Ty…

…Why are you even telling me this much?

The reason is simple, just a few weekends ago I held an
independent music industry seminar at which I taught a
group of people just like you how to effectively use
the internet to gain fans, make more money and become
extremely successful.

They Paid $997.00 to Learn the "Secret"

Now these people paid $997.00 each for me to teach them what I know, which of course resulted in me making a small fortune, which of course is great, but besides that I got the chance to meet a really great bunch
of folks and it made me realize how many other people could benefit from "The Times 10 Formula" and use it to start generating some really serious money using their music
or anything else.


Sure You Could Sell Your Music Using "The Times 10 Formula"
and Get a Legion of Insane, Screaming Fans that Will Literally Trip Over Themselves to Buy Every Song You Release, Get Your Music Heard on Global Radio, but You Could Also...

...Make a ton of cash, like I do selling other products online, As A Matter of Fact you've probably already added to the numbers in my bank account, maybe even A few times over, and now I'll Show You how to get others to add money to your account!

you are lucky enough to get a copy of  ”The Times 10 Formula” today, just like the small group of people who recently paid $997.00 a piece for me to teach it to them, you'll agree that it's the best investment that you can ever make.

Where else can you learn how to crank out money on the fly, any time you want?

Only with “The Times 10 Formula” that’s where!

When you think about it, you would pretty much have to be insane *not* to want to have total financial control over your life and the ability to learn a powerful, proven formula that will give you the skill to make more money then you could ever
imagine online.

In fact,The Times 10 Formula" is so amazing and works so well that you could, and might I add “will want to” use it to sell much, much  more then just your music and music related services online. (as a matter of fact a friend of mine uses the "Formula" to sell cake recipes online from a simple little website that even you could put up in less then 45 minutes, and he makes a lot of dough from it, no pun intended!)

At this point you might be saying, “What are you talking about Ty?”

“Won’t The Times 10 Formula enable me to sell unlimited amounts of my music online, get more exposure in the music industry, et my music played on radio stations around the globe and get a legion of raving, crazed fans to stand up and take notice to everything I do?

My answer is YES, you can surely use it for these purposes, as a matter of fact this is what you’ll be able to do best with “The Times 10 Formula”, but if you have been on my list  for any length of time, you’ll know that I sell a ton of downloadable products including ebooks, videos, audios, software, reports and much, much more.

In fact with “The Times 10 Formula” I’m going to show you how you can do the exact same thing and happily make a small fortune doing it, just like I do

Digital music downloads, like MP3s are great sellers. I know because just this year alone over 10 Million Ipods and over 900 MILLION digital music downloads where sold online from sites like CDBaby, Amazon, personal websites(like yours, if its set up right) and tens of thousands of other places.

And when people think of the selling online, they usually think,
sure I could sell my music online. Sounds cool."

And They are Right!

You see, with "The Times 10 Formula", you won't just discover the truth about selling music and music related services to people who love music or who are in the industry.

You'll master a lot more than that because I don't stick with just music, especially when it comes to making a ton of cash online.

The truth is, I sell other things too. Here's a confession, something you may be aware of already but...


...I Sell The Heck Out Of All Types of
Downloadable Products All Day Long!

And other then the music industry related products, I DIDN'T SPEND A MINUTE OF MY TIME CREATING ANY OF THEM!

Plus on top of that I paid “Pennies” to have all of my other products made for me and I own the rights to giveaway, sell or do whatever I want with them all, but as I'm sure you've already figure out I sell them, and make a killing doing so!

I’m talking products ranging from ebooks, software programs, videos, audios and other products that I’ve had created for me that I sell like hot cakes, hands free, on auto pilot, from the internet all day long, even while I'm sleeping (like I said, it's all on auto pilot)!


Ty actually knows what he's talking about. He really does practice what he preaches, I mean just take a look at all of the wonderful items he sells . There are few in the music business that are more helpful or are able to put the knowledge he has gained into the "independent" mans hands -- in terms of making sense -- and dollars!

Lonnie S.
Hollywood, CA


Want Proof?
(as you know I'm all about proof)

I won’t show you all of my products and websites, because I have found that when I’ve shown people a true money making idea in the past, they’ve more then likely tried to steal it, rather then come up with an idea of their own. (For example look at all of the copy cat music contracts sites like my www.MusicContracts101.com site that you see all over the internet now, to bad mine is the only one that actually makes money, because I know ”The Times 10 Formula” and after next Monday you will also (If you are quick enough)

But just so you can see that I practice what I preach (and have been doing so for years, here are a few of the other products and sites that I have successfully been able to make a ton of cash with, thanks to my “Times 10 Formula”:

This is a product that I had created for less then $100-, and that I sell for $47- a pop, plus best of all I keep all of the profits and so will you, once you learn how to do it using The Times 10 Formula!
==> www.SecretstoSettingSuccessfulGoals.com

Here's another one of my money making sites:
==> www.CheapWeddingSecretsRevealed.com/index.htm
and another

==> www.TheUltimateCheapVacation.com/welcome.3.htm

This is another product (an ebook) that I had created about a year ago for just pennies, gave it to my wife Melida, and now she is making a killing with it online (and she knows nothing about the internet, in fact she barely knows how to turn on a computer, but please don’t tell her that I told you that J!)
www.CareforMyBaby.com and this is her Blog, which also rakes in the dough
http://CareforMyBabyBlog.blogspot.com (note my cute little son Tyler at the top, he gets his handsomeness from his dad, err don't tell wifey that I told you that either)

Here is another one of my wife's sites
==> www.RealtorInternetStrategies.com

We had this product created for about $125- and now sell it for $297.00 a pop, each and every order, not bad for a 26 year old woman who knows nothing about the internet, marketing or creating products to sell online. (that is before she made me show her "The Times 10 Formula".

This is another product that my brother in law Bram put up, after I showed him the “Times 10 Formula” just a few short weeks ago… Bram’s  a complete computer novice, and actually more interested in seeing the checks come in every other week from all of the sales he makes from this site.
==> www.MyFamilyBudget.com/welcome.3.htm

Note: He DID NOT have to create anything on this site, that includes the website itself and the ebook, yet he owns 100% of the product and gets to keep all of the cash that comes in from the sales made off of it. I’ll show you how you can do the same thing using my “Times 10 Formula”
So, now after seeing how well the  ”Times 10 Formula” works you might be wondering...

How Do YOU Get Downloadable Products Made Without Spending A Fortune??

And Better Yet, How Do I get Started Selling Them to Maximize My Income?

Excellent questions, and I answer both and more in great detail in the "Times Ten Formula", as a matter of fact I’ll show you step-by-step everything I know, using a series of videos, audios and manuals that I’ve successfully used to teach just a few lucky others;

Plus, I’ll also Show You:

What types of websites will easily
outsell the type that you may already have.
(if you do have this type of site, your losing tons of money. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!).

How to get all types of downloadable products created for you for pennies on the dollar, and you’ll own the rights to do whatever you want with them, even sell them for big bucks on your own sites, like I do. (These can be non-music products or music related products, other then your music). This tip works like a charm, in and out!

How to find a stream of hungry customers or fans who are looking for exactly what it is that you have to sell them, be it music or downloadable products, you can't go wrong with this info.

How to put up at least 1 new money making site a week (I actually put up 3-4 a week), that if on average mad just $400.00 in sales a month would bring you over $1600.00 every 4 weeks. (imagine if you put up four a week like I do, that number would grow to you bringing in over $6400.00 a month! And the good thing about this is that you can do this even if you decide to only sell music or music related products.

How to sell more of your music or other products online, every single day on autopilot like clock work,
and almost hands free!

How to get a legion of loyal, crazed fans or customers to buy anything you put in front of them.

How to get other sites to sell your music (or other products), do all of the work like collecting payment, handle customer support, shipments and more, and then send you a big fat check every month.

How to get thousands of other people to sell your products, making you more money then you could ever possibly make on your own. (for those of you who are my affiliates, you already know that this technique is the greatest money making tool ever).

Note: This information alone will enable you to sell thousands of products or copies of your music or anything else in no time, without doing any of the work.

Plus, much, much more…



"Mr. Cohen, meeting you has been my turning-point online -- nothing has been the same with my music career since! I've learned more from you in 2-months than I've learned from interning at one of the nation's largest record labels for the past 12-months. You're quite simply an online entrepreneur "genius." You've also built the warmest, most friendly, Music Industry Internet Marketing Forum on the Net, and that's a fact!

You should be proud of me, using your information I have built up a list of over 15,000 fans who love my music and to date (in 45 days)  have sold 576 copies of my CD at $27.00 a piece for gross sales of  $14, 202.00 much more then what I paid for your "Times 10 Formula", thanks for letting me in

I wish you all the very best success."

Richard F.
Warwick, NY


Now Let Me Get TWO
Things Off of My Chest...

The first is...

Only 60 "Times 10 Formula" Vol 1
Courses Will EVER Be Sold

Sure, you've heard the ol' "You better buy now because this is limited" song and dance before.

Well, this really IS limited. I will only sell 60 copies of this course EVER. Then it's gone. Forever.

Each course will be individually numbered. And each person who owns it will hold a NON-TRANSFERABLE license to the materials. Plus their unique ID numbers will be recorded and kept on file.

This means you won't see it legally sold on Ebay or anywhere else. When they're gone, they're gone.

If you think I'm bullshitting you, that's fine. DON'T ORDER IT. Let someone else get the chance.

And you might be wondering...

Why Are You
Only Selling 60?


Mainly because I love working in the "Indie" music industry, but I don't want to be in the "Guru" business.

My life is very good right now. And my little, easy to put out sites require very little effort while they provide me with an excellent income.

So basically, I get to wake up, bumble around, play with my kids, and maybe do some "work" if I feel like it.

And ...well ...that's really nice.

So I want to preserve that lifestyle. And we both know that if we sell a zillion copies of this, we'll not only be dragged into the "Marketing Guru" limelight, but I'll create a lot of competitors in the small website and product niches I like to play in. (Like I said earlier, just by opening my big mouth about how much money my Music Contracts site makes me www.MusicContracts101.com I've had every Tom, Dick and Harry try to imitate it, much to their fail, because they didn't have "The Times 10 Formula" for online success! I hate to pat my back, but heck my formula works that well!

Sure, I might make a fast profit from selling the course, but I would do so at the expense of my main long term businesses ...selling downloadable products from single page, easy, to put up websites online.

And both scenarios mean more work ...and potentially less money for me.

So that's the the real no-bullshit reason why I'm limiting the course to only 60 copies. Call me lazy. Call me selfish ...you'd be right. But at least I'm honest about it.

    The other reason why
   you want to order now is...

...Because the Price Will
Increase by $100.00 Every Week

Now, in order to be fair and create a little game of competition out of this whole thing, I am going to raise the price of the course by $100.00 next week (if any course are left), to encourage early bird orders.

Buy it This week for just $397- but if you try and wait until next week, you'll have to pay $100.00 more, $447.00 (If there are any course still available by then!)

Warning! If you try and wait until next week, you'll have to pay $100.00 extra for it and I'm sure you'd hate to have to pay $100.00 more then you'd have to.


The results are in! Here is even more...

"Proof That The Times 10 Formula Has Already Dramatically Changed The Businesses And Lives Of Countless Artist, Musicians, Executives and Others Just Like YOU! The Question Is, Are YOU Next?"


Here's What You'll Get:

Booklets -
Read along in these special edition Times 10 Formula booklets as you discover each and every single tool you'll use to build your online empire. Making money online has Never been easier then this!

Videos -
You'll get multiple CD videos jam packed with step-by-step follow along instructions that you'll use to look over my shoulder and follow along as I reveal to you the exact processes I use to make unbelievable amounts of money online for myself and my industry clients.

Audio CD's - Listen in as I reveal never before heard information, that I've charged others thousands of dollars to pick from my brain. This information alone can determine if you make and extra $5,000 to $20,000 from your music and/or products in the next month or so or not!

Reports - Need specific information? Flip to one of the many special bonus reports that your Times 10 Formula package will contain and it's all right there for you, ripe for the picking!

Here's What You'll Learn:

* How To Double or Triple Profits From Your Website Without Getting An Additional Single Visitor! Here’s how to turn your website visitors into paying buyers. I’m shocked so few people know how to engineer this buying process. But you won’t be left out of the loop after this session.

How To Make Your Website Come Alive With Audio and Even Video! I'll show you how to use amazing new technology (that’s actually inexpensive and brain dead simple) to… Bring Life To Your Websites And Engage Each Visitor To Stay Longer and Buy More or Your Music and/or Products!

How To Follow-Up On Every Qualified Visitor Automatically While You Sleep and Make Your Website Spit Orders Out Automatically! I'll show you how to use the magic of little automatic email “robots” or autoresponders to follow up on fans and customers with no manual labor and turn them into paying customers. You don’t know when a prospect is ready to buy so you have to be there all the time.

* How To Get Free Traffic To Your Site! After this you’ll know more about generating a flood of free traffic than if you read a hundred worthless books or ebooks. I'll share with you what I do whenever I want free traffic to flood my websites. There’s no theory here. Just practical steps anyone can take to advertise their website for free. This takes the guesswork out of the process for you.

* How To Create An “EXTRA” Online Income Stream! Discover how to easily earn a nice extra income using programs that will pay you without any of the headaches of customer service or fulfillment. Learn how to turn a part-time effort into a full time income stream. That’s the power of the Internet and I'll will show you how, step-by-step. This information alone will be a real eye opener for you.

* How To Go From Online to Offline or Offline to Online To Maximize Profits! This is how you can make a vast fortune because it maximizes your visibility and profitability. One of the least understood facts about marketing is that you increase results by mixing and matching the proper media. In this session you’ll learn how to combine the power of traditional media with the efficiency of the Internet. This combination produces fast results but it must be done in a very specific manner to work most effectively. You’ll learn how when you listen in.

* How To Bring Visitors Back To Your Site Over and Over Again While Getting Them to Buy Multiple Times ! Check out these amazing after sale follow up systems that consistently bring fans and customers back begging for more. The big bucks are made by reselling satisfied fans and customers more of your music, products and services. With that in mind, I'll will reveal my sure fire approach to enhance the lifetime value of each and every fan or customer. 

Plus Much More!



Ty, thank you so much for the time you put into teaching people in the music biz like myself  how to succeed on the web with our music among other things. I've been a member of your coaching club now for a little over a month now, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I have benefited so far.

I've learned about internet marketing and so much more, that my websites are actually selling my music and making me money, just as you said they would: money I would not have made without The Times 10 Formula. Again, thank you so much for giving of yourself so freely!!!

P.S. I beg you not to share this information with to many others, it's almost to good to be true!


Dean B.
Atlanta, Georgia


So It's "Do Or Die" Time

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