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Every decade or so an indispensable tool relating to the music business hits the market, The Ultimate “Music Industry” Power-Pack is this decade’s indispensable tool. It is an in-depth, thorough business resource for basically anyone trying to survive, let alone make a living in the world of music. I can't recommend it any more highly. ~ The HCC Foundation News - Melida Davis.

The Ultimate “Music Industry” Power-Pack is perfect for those who want a career in the music industry and love music but don't exactly know what they want to do yet. Each one of the items included in it, provide you with a wealth of information. I've had my copy for less then a week now and I can honestly say that I strongly believe that it can help me find a place in the music industry. I strongly recommend it to anyone trying to break into the business of music. Again, this is a must-have item! ~ Sam Henderson - Eternal Realness, Waterbury, CT.

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