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With this set you’ll receive all of the products that are found in both “The Recording Industry Starter Set” and in “The Music Business Bundle”. Plus you’ll also receive the industry god-send “597 Ready To Use Sales Letters and Business Forms” and you’ll also receive over $40.00 worth of FREE jam-packed music industry reports and materials.
(Save a whopping $189.74 when you order this Information packed set!).

(There are 22 items in this bundle; listed below):
1. 101 Music Business Contracts - (Reg Price $67.00)
2. The Industry Yellow Pages  Volume 1 - Listings to over 2000 Radio Stations, 660 Record Stores and 360 Music Distributors - (Reg Price $24.00)
3. The Industry Yellow Pages Volume 2 - Listings to over 1700 Clubs and Venues - (Reg Price $24.00)
4. The Industry Yellow Pages Volume 3 - Listings to over 1909 Music Studios, 1389 CD/Vinyl Manufacturers, 54 Music Conferences and 501 Press Contacts - (Reg Price $24.00)
5. The Industry Yellow Pages Volume 4 - Listings to over 1275 Producers, 519 Promoters and 610 Managers - (Reg Price $24.00)
6. The Industry Yellow Pages Volume 5 - Listings to over 2265 U.S. Record Labels - (Reg Price $24.00)
7. The Industry Yellow Pages Volume 6 - Listings to over 3380 International Record Labels. Covering over 45 countries - (Reg Price $24.00)
8. 117 Ways to Market, Promote and Sell Your Music Online - (Reg Price $27.00)
9. How YOU can make $500,000 "or more" a year in the music industry by Doing it Yourself - (Reg Price $27.00)
10. How To Sell Music, Book Shows And Get Noticed! - (Reg Price $27.00)
11. Million Dollar e-mails - (Reg Price $27.00)
12. 597 Ready To Use Sales Letters and Business Forms - (Reg Price $37.00)
13. FREE Bonus # 1 Learn What Music Publishing Companies Look For (value $12.00)
14. FREE Bonus # 2 Find Out What A&R People & Talent Scouts Want (value $9.00)
15. FREE Bonus # 3 The 10 Biggest Lies In The Music Industry
(value $19.00)
16. FREE Bonus # 4 10 Sure-Fire Ways of Getting Your Demo Tape Listened To (value $23.00)
17. FREE Bonus # 5 Learn How to Get Your Music on Film & T.V. (value $9.00)
18. FREE Bonus # 6 Learn How to Sell More CD's, Book More Shows & Make More Money (value $12.00)
19. FREE Bonus #7 How to Increase Your Fan-base (value $19.99)
20. FREE Bonus #8 Managers vs. Agents, what's the difference? (value $14.00)
21. FREE Bonus #9 How to Create a Music Press Kit
22. FREE Bonus #10 Major Labels Exposed, a look inside

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I couldn't agree with you more about the contracts. I own my own Publishing Company and Record label. Any Royalty monies are directed straight to myself. I am already using the 101 Music Business contracts program that you are offering.

If you need someone to endorse your product by all means let them know that I use your 101 music business contracts software and wouldn't do business without them.

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Ty I will keep you updated on Sonic details, etc going forward.

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"A Comprehensive Collection..."

"A comprehensive collection of form agreements commonly used in music industry transactions at a great value!"

- Law Office of
Christopher G. Anderson Entertainment Industry Legal & Business Affairs

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