101 Music Business Contracts

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I don’t need a Music Business contract. He’s my best friend.

Best friends or total strangers, putting your music business dealings in writing is the only way to ensure consistent treatment over time.
Do you really want to leave your financial future up to someone’s memory?

There are some that say business and friendship shouldn’t mix. Most of the time that statement is 100% TRUE. That’s because when you throw money into the equation, things get serious and sometimes nasty. You can avoid all these troubles from the start with a simple written music business agreement. Everyone knows what they are getting into from the beginning because it’s spelled out in black and white.

The Music Business is a Business

There are literally billions of dollars to be made in the music business. To compete successfully in any business, you have to behave in a business-like manner when you are dealing with money or property (like songs, lyrics, recordings, or equipment).

This is an industry that eats amateurs for breakfast. If this is more than a passing hobby for you, then you simply can NOT afford to leave your agreements verbal. It doesn’t matter what your role in the music business is: singer, songwriter, musician, composer, manager, agent, DJ, recording engineer, lighting technician, roadie, A&R representative, producer, or indie label owner. If it’s in writing, there are no questions; everyone’s role is defined, and who gets what and why is spelled out.

If you are just getting started, or a seasoned veteran, the more professionally you present yourself, the more industry professionals will take you seriously. Having a contract tells them you know how to handle yourself, and you won’t let anyone take advantage of you.

Why do I need this? I can go get a lawyer, Can't I?

Sure, you can go get a lawyer and have contracts drawn up for specific deals or for general purpose use. But Entertainment Law is a narrow specialty, and not every lawyer is going to have the expertise to think of all the contingencies or close all the loopholes. The lawyer that handled your house purchase or your car accident is not necessarily going to have the proper knowledge to provide you with what you really need. Experienced Entertainment Lawyers can cost $200.00 to $400.00 dollars an hour (or more!) if you can even get in to see them.

This set of 101 Standard Music Business Contracts has been painstakingly crafted and compiled to meet the needs of everyone in the Music Industry.

At these prices, you can’t afford NOT to! For the cost of 2 hours of rehearsal studio time, you can have standard music industry contracts for all aspects of your music career.


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